Do you find yourself having three cups of tea a day, although you don’t even really like tea? Are you just snacking at work, even when not really hungry, cause somebody’s ordering something? Or are you eating out nearly every day, because that’s how your friends like to hang out? And is this all happening because you simply just don’t know how to say “No”. No problems, all you have to do is, say “Yes” smartly.  

How to say “Yes” smartly to exercise

So you’ve told yourself for the 100th time that you’re going to start working, and you’ve already wasted gym memberships paid for after short spells of motivation, but no matter how much you tell your body that you need to work out, it says “No”. In the words of the Godfather, all you have to do is ‘make an offer that can’t be refused’.

So here’s how you get your body to say “Yes” smartly, for exercise: don’t aim for the result, simply aim for the action and make the action really simple to achieve. In simpler words, if your goal is to lose weight by doing to do 20 push-ups, 20 crunches, 20 sit-ups and 20 minutes of running twice a day, forget losing weight and make doing the exercise your goal, and make the goal incredibly simple to achieve. In other words, make your daily goal: 5 push-ups, 5 crunches, 5 sit-ups, and 5 minutes of running. Simplifying your goals drastically will allow your body to say “Yes” to you, and when you’ve done it for enough days, your body will become habituated to working out every day. And then you can start pushing your body to properly work! This – since the problem with working out is not the working out, so much as it is getting yourself to do it every day.    

How to say “Yes” smartly to eating

Ordering food all the time you’re indoors? Have to buy something to snack on, every time you’re outdoors? Not even sure that half the food you spend money on, is something you enjoy? This is a very unfortunate, unhealthy and incredibly costly habit!
However, since hunger can be an incredibly hard thing to say “No” to, all you have to do is once again, find a smart way to say “Yes” to your food cravings.

Step 1 – uninstall food apps and simply use web-browsers when you really need to order, since these will constantly tempt you to order and try new food, with alluring discounts and pictures. Step 2 – surround yourself with fruit and healthy snacks, so every time your body craves for something, you simply say  “Yes” to it with something healthy. Step 3 – Learn how to cook yourself healthy, delicious snacks, so every time your taste-buds crave something, you can satiate your food-curiosities by working for it a little, and by practicing portion control. Step 4 – eat small meals throughout the day, instead of eating three huge meals: this is considered one of the best modern day food eating habits suggested by nutritionists, since it keeps your cravings in check, and it keeps you from overeating.         

How to say “Yes” to drinking smartly

Sometimes the smartest way to say “Yes” is by not having to say no. This strategy holds up best in the case of unhealthy drinking habits. If you have unhealthy drinking habits, which involve aerated drinks or alcohol, it’s usually very hard to say no to, if you’re incredibly thirsty or badly hydrated, since chilled aerated drinks operate on the illusion that they’re going to satisfy your thirst, when in fact it multiplies it. The best way to avoid bad beverage choices is by simplifying to – you guessed it – water! Water is something none of us can avoid, and so having a bottle of water at hand, and constantly sipping from it and refilling it, is sure to keep your body hydrated and your beverage-cravings in check. However, this may not always be possible with regular water, since drinking a lot of regular water can leave you feeling bloated, and so upgrading your regular water to alkaline water, can significantly improve your hydration.

Alkalen’s alkaline water contains micro-clusters of water molecules, which help your body’s cells readily absorb the water you drink more easily, allowing you drink more water without feeling bloated, and thereby allowing for super-hydration. In fact, the logic behind Alkalen is that since water is something we inevitably drink no matter how our days go, and since it can be so hard to convince yourself to work out, or eat healthy, at the very least your body is never going to say “No” to something as simple as water. All you have to do is upgrade your everyday water drinking experience, and your body will be getting healthier without you having to play “Yes and No games” with it.