So you get up, get ready and get to work excitedly, thinking today is going to be your most productive day. Cut to after your lunch break, and before you know it – you’re feeling sluggish, low on energy, your head feels heavy, you lack concentration and by now you’re thinking – tomorrow is going to be your most productive day. To cope with the lethargy, you’ll soon start craving acidic snacks and coffee (also acidic) – and all of this makes for the perfect recipe for weight-problems, health issues and stress.

It goes without saying that the body was meant to be exercised. And while it’s significantly simpler to replace your regular drinking water with alkaline water in order to combat the acidic content in your body, it is conversely harder to regularly exercise your body in order to combat an acidic lifestyle. This, especially when most of your work involves sitting in front of a computer all day. And that’s where we recommend Yoga, which is vast enough in its application to be adapted to any lifestyle. Yes, that also includes a lifestyle which involves you spending most of your day, glued to a desk and in front of a PC. Don’t believe us? We’ve looked it up and created this amazing infographic, which you can print or download, in order to help yourself stay sharp, energized, focused and super active at work, or rather – at your desk itself.  


Here’s presenting ‘Amazing Desk Yoga Poses’ to Keep You #ActiveForLife, especially when you’re at work: