Spending too much time on social media? Not being able to focus on anything? Spend weeks without realizing what substantial thing you’ve really done for days? With the surplus information available and being thrown at us every second, in the form of messages, notifications, calls, pictures, pictures and more pictures (and blogs like these) … *sigh*… We’re pretty much all either there right now, while only few of us can say really say “we’ve been been there”. So how does one solve this calmatiously complicated problem of – constant distraction? Well, you start by making it small, simple… minimal.


Here are 4 simple tips to go minimal with Alkalen:

Let’s start with obvious – Wake up early!
Yes, we know that’s something all moms and dads say, but hey, Isaac Newton said: “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”. The logic is simple, if you don’t want to get caught up by the day, simply get a fresh start. If you wake up late, you’re late for breakfast, late for work, because of which you reach home late from work, and that’s why you sleep late… And brush-teeth-rinse-repeat! Alternatively, at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning, called the ‘Golden Hour’ by most successful people in the world, you get brushing, bathing, breakfast all out the way, really quickly. All of a sudden, you have all of this extra time you were looking for, before it’s time to get to work and before your phone starts ringing. You can’t minimize if you don’t have the time to organize, and if you don’t organize you can’t prioritize.

Speaking of phones – Minimize your digital life!
It’s great that phones have so many gigabytes of space now, but unfortunately what this means is lesser mind space for you. Dedicate a few hours every week to review the apps on your phone, your online shopping carts, WhatsApp Groups you’re voluntarily (and involuntarily part of), to people and things you follow on social media. Minimalism is all about quality over quantity, and if you’re following too many websites, blogs, or Instagram accounts, whose content you’re not acquiring any valuable information from, make sure you strategically unfollow these to ensure you spend more time getting inspiration, as opposed to getting distracted. Apps are great, but they can always be reinstalled, so why have it on your phone bothering you with notifications? Simply install, use, and uninstall! Getting messages from a WhatsApp group that you’re not responding to for a while? Don’t hesitate to ‘Leave Group’ or use the silence option.

Don’t save payment options – if you’re an impulsive buyer!
Instinct and impulse can be as detrimental as it can be useful, especially when it comes to buying things online. Nothing helps you from clicking the ‘Buy’ option and losing money on products you’re most likely not going to use, like saved auto-payment information. Having to manually enter payment details every time is time-consuming, and you can seriously use the time to properly consider whether you really need the product you’re buying. One of the first ways to declutter and to make your life simpler is to own lesser products, which are significant use to you. Another popular minimalist’s method of regulating the number of products you own or buy is to keep a minimum count of the products you’re planning to own. The gratification? Apart from getting rid of the confusion of which products to wear or use, the money you save by maintaining a limited inventory of products can be used to ensure that the few products you do own, are best quality products that add great value to your life.

When it comes to beverages – stick to water!
Foods come in greater varieties and our personal preferences for foods, even healthy foods, can make our food-choices vary from person to person. However, when it comes to beverages, while there are indeed a wide variety of beverages, it is a universal and biological fact that nothing beats water, as the healthiest and satisfying beverage in the world. With our bodies being made up of 60% of water, the amount of water we require each day to keep our bodies properly hydrated and detoxed, barely leaves room for other beverages to be a healthy part of one’s diet unless it’s infused water or fresh fruit juices. However, while the latter can be hard to carry around everywhere, clean bottles of water are the easiest, obvious and natural option for hydration, allowing you to declutter your fridge from having a confusing variety of beverages.

Alkalen is a premium, enhanced alkaline water, which is made to upgrade your everyday water drinking experience. While the benefits of this enhanced alkaline water are many, the most significant one is that – unlike other beverages – it immediately becomes an unavoidable healthy drink, since whether you workout or don’t, eat healthily or don’t, you’re most likely to be unable to avoid drinking water. And alkaline water amplifies the benefits of regular water, giving you super hydration, an energy boost, enhanced detoxed, keeping the acidic content in your body in check and many other benefits, which you can read about here – http://alkalen.com/why-alkalen/