We all know that maintaining the pH level is very necessary for health but if you don’t know acidic levels of the health items you consume, it’s only so much you can do to better your health.

We at Alkalen believe it’s important to know where you stand on the health scale and therefore we present to you, the 5 everyday consumables that are acidic in nature.


The beans of the coffee is naturally acidic. So, while it helps in dehydration, it increases body’s acidity. Make sure your coffee intake is at it’s minimal during work hours.


Few of the vegetable are slightly acidic in nature but Tomato triggers acidic reaction in the body and this is due to its seeds content. It’s always good to have tomatoes with alkaline foods.


Because it has a dysfunctional mineral relationship it falls under the shade of acidic food.


The high amount of purines content in most of the animal meat is considered acidic once metabolized. Chicken, beef and turkey are considered high on acidic.

Refined sugar

White or refined sugar includes soda, muffins, pastries, candy, white bread and processed grains and other “leisurely” foods is highly acid forming. Processed food contains high amount of sugar that could lead to an acidic lifestyle.

If you have any more food items you want to know more about, you can simply comment below!