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Alkalen is a premium water based electrolyte beverage. The electrolytes and minerals it contains helps you restore the acid-alkaline balance in a natural manner as it restores the self-healing capacity of the body.

You get a high quality alkalized water based beverage with  additional electrolytes.

The pH balance is scaled from 1 through 14 with 0 to less than 7 as acidic, 7 as neutral and anything over 7 as alkaline in nature. The ideal pH of the body is 7.35 to 7.45.

The pH of Alkalen is 9.5 which gives it its characteristic alkaline nature and makes it a must in your health basket. After all you need a HEALTHY INSIDE for an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

An advanced UV purification process is carried through the water which is then run through our seven stage where the water is passed through a bed of natural traced mineral stones that changes the structure of water making the pH level above 9.

The pH level can stay stable for upto 2 years in the bottle but we only mention it as 12 months .

Alkalen is widely available across in various cities. Here’s our store locator to help you find the nearest outlest to buy Alkalen from.
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