Tired of looking at the mirror and noticing newer pimples, wrinkles and blemishes? Tired of feeling like your skin is aging at an accelerated pace? Does this sound like it’s going to be another commercial for skin-care products? Nope! Just a friendly reminder that the ultimate solution to skin problems is indeed the ultimate solution, i.e. water.

How – you ask? Well, here’s the thing: There are two major causes of skin problems:

Lack of proper hydration:

The skin is an organ and like any other part of the body, it is made up of cells. Cells are made up of water, and that is why dehydration or lack of proper hydration has adverse effects on the skin, just as it does with any part of the body. So just drink lots of regular water every day, right? Not exactly! Here’s the catch: apart from the fact that water is lost in large quantities every day, which means that most of your hydration goes in replenishment, the skin is also one of the last organs that water reaches, while being hydrated. This is why skin moisturisers and so many skin hydrating products are in high demand.

The effect of acidic content:

Yet lack of proper hydration isn’t the only thing affecting your skin-health. In fact, one of the major causes of skin problems is the body’s acidic content, which increases the more the body consumes. And due to this the body’s and thereby the skin’s health is directly affected by how acidic a body is. The opposite of acidity is alkalinity, and the more alkaline your body is – the less acidic, and the better your skin health. And this is why the body is always trying to rid itself of acidic content, through one way or another.

What’s more: the skin also happens to be one of the body’s alternative detoxifying agencies. In other words, those whose body’s incline towards acidity, the excess acid and toxins produced thereby,which aren’t sufficiently flushed out by the liver, try finding their way out through the skin. This detrimental process of eliminating acidity from the body, manifests in the form of various skin diseases, such as acne and skin allergies.

The Solution: Upgrade your Water Drinking Experience

The idea is to hit two targets in one shot. And that’s where alkaline water comes in. Since the opposite of acidity is alkalinity, and since water is that one agent which aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and excretion, the best way to counteract and eliminate the acidic content in your body is water that is alkaline. Alkaline water reduces your body’s acidic levels, preventing your body from having to excrete acidity through alternative means. Furthermore, alkaline water keeps the cells of the largest organs in the body well hydrated, which contributes to the elasticity and rejuvenation of skin tissue, allowing your skin to remain healthy, firm and supple. This alkaline detoxification of the skin leads to fewer acne breakouts and your refreshed and healthier skin cells, now more readily absorb the benefits of skin-enhancing products as well.


So if yu’ve been wondering why those eight glasses of water a day haven’t been working… Consider giving your water drinking experience an upgrade. Alkalen is India’s first alkaline water with pH levels from 8.5 to as high as 9.5, and it comes enhanced with micro-clusters of water molecules which allows for it to be more readily absorbed at a cellular level. This grants your body super hydration from every glass of alkaline water that you drink, since your body assimilates its benefits quicker. Benefits – that your skin will reflect anew each day you look into the mirror.