Are you disturbed by how climbing up the same set of stairs that you used to run through without breaking a sweat, now tires you profusely and even causes knee pains? Experiencing sporadic inexplicable back pains, and feel like your body is weighing you down faster than it should? Well, chances are – you’re suffering from a highly acidic body that’s causing your bones to weaken over time. Yes, acidity can do that too!

As discussed in previous blogs, your body is always trying to stay alkaline and maintain balanced pH levels (your pH levels being a measure for how acidic or alkaline your body is). However, leading an acidic lifestyle i.e. a lifestyle which involves barely any exercise, lots of stress, and unhealthy food and beverage choices that are very acidic in nature, can severely upset your body’s pH levels. And when your body attempts to force your pH levels back into balance, the rest of your body suffers. The way it works is like this: while your body is naturally equipped to eliminate acidic content, in the wake of excessive acidity, the only way your body can maintain a pH balance is by countering it with alkalinity. However, in the absence of alkaline foods and beverages, the only place for the body to acquire its alkalinity is from the minerals in your body. And that’s when your body begins to draw necessary alkaline minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, from your bones and other organs, to increase alkalinity and counteract the acidity. As a result, your bones start to weaken severely and that’s when the joint problems, back issues and reduced immunity to injury starts to occur. This sapping of minerals from your body can also cause Osteoporosis, which reduces your body’s ability to strengthen and create new bones. In fact, so great is the toll for the body to obtain alkalinity in this manner, it even draws minerals from the teeth, causing dental problems.

While it helps to start eating healthier and exercising more often, it’s important to counter the acidic build up in your body more frequently. And since the one thing we can’t live without is water, and since water is the body’s natural agent that aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and excretion, which he frequently consume, it is also the best means to counteract acidity. However, on the pH scale which measures from zero to fourteen, zero being extremely acidic and 14 being extremely alkaline, the pH levels of regular water is a neutral 7, making it – not entirely effective in the case of excessive acidic content. And that’s where alkaline water comes in to save your bones!

Alkalen isn’t just India’s first premium alkaline water, it also comes enhanced with necessary minerals and electrolytes, which significantly strengthen your bone-health. Alkaline water also helps to keep your joints well-lubricated, enhancing the quality of your workouts and reducing the chances of injury and joint pains. This is also why Alkalen’s alkaline water is considered a timely antidote to frequent sprains and arthritis. If you’re still reading this, go ahead and have yourself a nice bottle of water (preferably alkaline), like your bones depended on it 😉