Can’t shake the feeling that you’ve been extra sluggish lately? Rattled by frequent muscle/joint pains? Or perhaps your stomach hasn’t felt right for a long time? Well that’s your gut, literally telling you that you have an Acidic Body. And having an acidic body means that these concerns could soon be the least of your concerns, since acidity can lead to a number of other more serious physiological and even psychological health impediments.

Apart from also causing chronic illnesses, one of the most severe outcomes of unchecked acidity is Acidosis, which can be incredibly fatal. So, in order to further prevent your body from experiencing the many other bodily debilitations that acidity can cause, here’s 5 common symptoms suggesting you have an Acidic Body that needs to be detoxed:


Acidity Symptom 1: Weight-Loss Difficulty

One of the key reasons that weight-loss goes hand in hand with an alkaline diet, is because acidic foods and drinks strongly counteract against any fitness measures. How? Guess what happens when there’s too much acidic content for your body to flush out. It finds its way to cling to the fat cells in your body’s fat tissues, which creates a need for extra fat cells to exist in your body. This also naturally indicates that the acidity has already begun hampering your digestive processes, which could soon result in either constipation or diarrhea.


Acidity Symptom 2:  Weakening of Bones

Your body is always trying to stay alkaline and maintain its pH levels. And so in the wake of excessive acidity, it draws necessary minerals from your bones (namely calcium) and other organs, to increase alkalinity and counteract acidity. This weakens your bones and thereby your body. People that suffer from this should immediately cut down on caffeine, red meats and aerated drinks which cause excess acidity. And apart from increasing the intake of alkaline food and drink, it will also help to consume calcium-rich foods.


Acidity Symptom 3: Dental Problems

The aforementioned process by which the body attempts to alkalize in the case of excess acidity, wherein the body pulls minerals such as calcium from the bones, also holds true for the calcium in your teeth. And when the regular bacteria in your mouth couples with the consumption of sugary, sweet foods, the effect on such demineralized teeth can cause cavities. One way of identifying that your body’s acidity is affecting your dental health, is when you start experiencing sensitivity to certain foods and drinks that are too cold or too hot.


Acidity Symptom 4: Skin Problems

The skin is also one of the body’s detoxifying agencies. Thus, for those with pH levels that incline towards acidity, the excess acid and toxins produced thereby, which aren’t sufficiently flushed out by the liver, try finding their way out through the skin. This detrimental process of eliminating acidity from the body, manifests in the form of various skin diseases, such as acne and skin allergies.


Acidity Symptom 5: Mental and Physical Fatigue

If you feel easily tired and sluggish, despite having sufficient rest, it is usually due to high acidic levels in your body, which drastically impacts your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This degradation of bodily processes ultimately also starts affecting you mentally, increasing irritability, threatening depression and weighing down your thought process.

So, if you’ve realized from reading the 5 symptoms above, that your body may be more acidic than you suspected, don’t worry – you’ll live. Yet.  Quick countermeasures you can undertake right away, includes replacing your coffee drinking habit with herbal tea perhaps. Reduce meat and dairy consumption. Increase veggie and fruit consumption (especially those that are particularly alkaline). And most importantly! While it’s important to drink as much as water as you can, it also helps to drink water in the correct way . And while there are usually no shortcuts to real improvement, drinking alkaline water, as the name indicates, is an exception to that rule.