How important a role does water play in helping one stay active for life? What is the significance of living active? And how does one achieve this balance?  To answer this question and to celebrate the importance of an active life through water, Alkalen is interviewing online fitness lovers and people that live an active lifestyle.

Vidya Sethi‘s #ActiveForLife Story

As part of our #ActiveForLife Story series, Alkalen recently interviewed bodybuilder and popular fitness enthusiast on instagram – Vidya Sethi, to ask her how she spends each day trying to stay #ActiveForLife. A question that to Vidya means meeting her weekly bodybuilding goals, which she pursues by religiously visiting the gym at least 5 times a week.


As for the workout routine itself, Vidya usually starts with mild stretching and then dives off into some serious weight lifting. She enthusiastically shares that deadlifts and back days are her favourite. Also, to stay ahead of her nutritional goals and to meet her daily macros, Vidya uses an app to log her nutritional intake and tries to include prebiotic religiously in her diet. She likes to train during winter, and to run short distances such as the 3K and 5K in marathons.


So, what fuels her motivation to dedicate so much time to her fitness pursuits? It’s simple: Vidya rewards herself every now and then with treats when she’s out and travelling. But otherwise, her life’s mantra involves her never forgetting to be able to always get back to making right eating choices.  In fact, while Vidya’s cheat treats usually involve that rare cup of masala chai in the morning, she usually begins her day with milk free teas or her favourite fruit infusions. She then follows this up with some pre-workout meal, followed by one banana on the way to the gym. And last but not least on the list of Vidya’s consumables, is at least “4 litres of water a day, to keep the doctor away”. The copious amount of water that she drinks is also a key element to her skin care.


Contemplating on her progress thus far, Vidya says that her biggest achievement is to ensure that no matter how long a gap she gets stuck in – away from working out, she’s always been able to bounce back into her training routine.  And so, when asked to share some advice on staying #ActiveForLife, Vidya says –


It’s never too late, until it is. Being active and healthy lifestyle are like chicken and egg. No matter what comes first, the other follows.”



If you have such interesting stories of how you like to stay #ActiveForLife, tell us in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]. We are always open to learning new ideas and to motivate people through stories that help them live healthy and active.