How important a role does water play in helping one stay active for life? What is the significance of living active? And how does one achieve the balance required to do so?  To answer this question and to celebrate the importance of an active life through water, Alkalen is interviewing online fitness lovers and people that live an active lifestyle.

Diganta Chakraborty‘s #ActiveForLife Story


Resuming our #ActiveForLife stories series, Alkalen interviewed Diganta Chakraborty, a culinary enthusiast, who counts among his accolades – WICA Student Chef of the year 2016 and Nestlé Young Chef 2017. Apart from being a serious Chef and food enthusiast, Diganta is just as serious about being healthy, fit and active for life. And thereby, Diganta exemplifies how foodies can balance their food-goals right along with their fitness-goals.  


Taking the idea of getting a fresh start to the day literally, Diganta drinks a litre of water first thing in the morning, to cleanse his colon. He confidently testifies that cleansing the gastrointestinal system first thing in the morning, charges him up and  provides the perfect kickstart for the day. When Alkalen asked Diganta what it meant to be #ActiveForLife – Diganta shared that to him it meant to live a life where you can eat whatever you want, so long as you practice portion-control, eat a lot of whole fruit, reduce junk food intake and consistently engage in one physical activity.  To attest to this philosophy, Diganta’s daily routine involves drinking at least 6 litres of water, completing 20,000 steps a day by jogging, practising portion-control while eating and making sure he adds variety to his diet. He has his Lunch at 12 am & Dinner at 7:30 strictly. He takes a brisk walk post-dinner & avoids sugars. Sugar is the enemy.


Digianta reiterates that Hydration plays the maximum role in his daily activity, since he drinks a significant amount of fluid. He says that this is because the “skin requires water and the entire body constitutes of water and I don’t take that lightly”. He even experiments by drinking Activated Charcoal with water once a week, to detox his system of heavy metal.


The results of all of Diganta’s efforts and strategies to stay #ActiveForLife ? In his own words – “I was 78 kgs in February 2018 and by July 2018 I am 64kgs. I have consciously reduced weight and see a positive change. Being a culinary enthusiast, I need to control my diet sometimes.” And when Alkalen asked him if he had any advice for others trying to stay active and healthy, he simply said –


“To stay healthy, eat what your heart wants but at a pace and in little less quantity. Force yourself to do a physical activity once everyday even for 5 mins & within a month it will become a habit, I promise. And whenever you feel like midnight binging, drink water, it will fill up your stomach!”


If you have such interesting stories of how you like to stay #ActiveForLife, tell us in the comments below or write to us at [email protected]. We are always open to learning new ideas and to motivate people through stories that help them live healthy and active.