Being #ActiveForLife in the monsoons is all about playing outdoors and enjoying the invigorating rains. And for those living in Maharashtra, this means the call epic and adventurous monsoon treks.

Teaming with scenic mountainous locations filled with lush greenery, magically blooming with beauty in the rains, Maharashtra provides a great variety of experiences to ascend to during the monsoon.  There’s freshly sprung waterfalls to discover,storied ruins of forts crowning mountain-tops to explore, and jaw-dropping views of the land overlooked by the Sahyadris to witness.

Alkalen is all about experiencing the true magic of water and staying #ActiveForLife. Owing to that, here’s a list of some of the best treks in Maharashtra that we feel you definitely ought to take your Alkalen bottles t0:

Karnala Fort (Trekker Difficulty Rating: Moderate)


Looking for a quick relaxing trek over the weekend? Karnala Fort, located in the raigad District, Maharashtra, is a fort that’s approximately 125 feet high and is quite popular among the trekkers. If you love bird-spotting or would just like to see some of the rarest birds in Maharasthra, Karnala is bird sanctuary that won’t disappoint you. Located 10 kms from Panvel Station, Karnala Fort is a 3 hour trekking experience, which offers a 360 degree view from its peak of the surrounding Raigad district. The trek encounters several great spots to rest, and so inexperienced trekkers can take it easy and still reach the top.


Lohagad Fort (Trekker Difficulty Rating: Moderate)


In the monsoons, the Lohagad fort which means ‘The Iron Fort’, finds its ruins look more like a beautiful towering forest. While the rains bring out lush greenery all over it on the outside, the trek itself involves encounters with lots of historic artifacts and ruins of remnant buildings. Situated near Lonavla, Lohagad Fort offers an amazing view of the division of Indrayani&Pavana Dam. The trails can get slippery in the rains,making it a more thrilling climb, though demanding focus, appropriate footwear and a keen sense of adventure.It’s around 100kms from Mumbai and 64kms from Pune, and it is deemed a moderately difficult trek during the monsoons.

Tungareshwar (Trekker difficulty rating: Easy)


Towering above a forest known for being a land visited by pilgrims, Tungareshwar is one of the nearest treks in Maharashtra. Famous for its great trekking options and beautiful waterfalls, the12km trail inside the forest, offers a dazzling view. Situated at an altitude of 2177ft. and a part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Tungareshwar offers ample opportunity to nature lovers, adventurers and families looking for the ideal picnic spot. The trek involves a 3km hike, which passes through two streams and leads to a Lord Shiva Temple, while the climb to the top is 8kms long, which is a kilometre away from the Forest check-post. Weekdays are preferred for this trek, as Tungareshwar trends to get crowded on weekends.

Rajmachi Fort (Trekker difficulty rating: Easy)

The Rajmachi consists of two stronghold fortsnamed Manranjan andShrivardhan, situated 2710ft from the ground. Apart from being one of the famous historical forts in the Sahyadris, Rajmachi is also considered a particularfavourite spot for beginner level trekkers. The trek starts form Kondhane village (which promises delicious local food on the way back) situated near Karjat Railway Station. The trek from Kondhane village to Rajmachi fort is 3hrs long, offering breath-taking sceneries. If you start your trek early, you can also club it with a visit to the Kondhane Caves. Local families here don’t just provide food, but also provide camping accommodations, in case you’re looking to do an overnight trek.  It is important to note that the fort can also be travelled to from Lonavla or Khandala from the Pune District.

Alkalen recommends the moderate level treks above, keeping mind the dangerous turns the Maharashtrian Monsoons may take, posing unexpected dangers. That being said, despite the relative ease these treks promise, it is imperative to wear appropriate trekking gear and shoes with strong grips to protect against slippery, mucky terrain. It is also important to pack healthy snacks to keep you energized while trekking, and to carry at least 2 litres of bottle per person, to keep you hydrated. If you carry along Alkalen’s alkaline water – 1 litre should suffice, considering the higher pH levels and superior hydration that it promises.