Many of us do a lot of hard work to stay fit and healthy. In order to do so, we gym, run, eat healthy, sleep healthy, make time table for ourselves, decide our routines and a lot more. For some, it’s still an unachieved target even after investing a good amount of money & time. Going to the gym doesn’t guarantee a non-acidic life.  So you may be doing the best to keep yourself healthy but if you are still having health issues then probably you are doing the good thing in a wrong way.

While investing so much of time, efforts and money behind new schemes to get fit and healthy, we sometimes forget the basic things through which the body can be fit, and that is having an Alkaline Lifestyle. Alkaline lifestyle simply means to eat and drink healthy and we have prepared the 10 easy ways for you to ensure an alkaline life.

  1. Maximum consumption of alkaline food

Consume more alkaline food as they are very low in sugar and high in mineral and water. These will help you in avoiding problems like cramps, spasm, muscle pains, back pains, Anxiety, panic disorder and a lot more. Also, it is very essential to process all nutrients on a cellular level.

  1. Start exercising

Indulge yourself with basic exercises like stretching, running and cycling. This will keep your body and mind active and also will make your immune stronger.

  1. Avoid or eliminate junk food

Try to reduce and eventually eliminate food items that are packaged, prepared and processed. Major cause of health problems and high acidic levels comes from packaged processed food.

  1. Cut down on alcohol consumption

Alcohol is high sugar content and highly acidic. It’s always good to cut it down to save health and of course money.

  1. Avoid/quit tobacco usage

Smoking adversely affect your health. It’s very beneficial to quit it.

  1. Breathe Properly

By doing a simple breathing exercise every day, it can help you to overcome acidic problems. It’s not hard, relax and follow this steps,

  • Breath in
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Breath out
  • Repeat 10 times
  1. Have a good and proper sleep

Body needs it’s time to function smoothly. Follow this sleeping mantra,

  • Sleep for 8 hours
  • Avoid sleeping right after having meal
  • Try sleeping on to the left sided position
  • Avoid staying awake late night
  1. Get used to drink alkaline water.

Get used to drink alkaline water with some of your most common daily routine like,

  • After every session of bathroom
  • Before Meal
  • An hour after Meal
  • Before sleep
  • When you wake up
  1. Get water bottle with time marker and measurements

Switch your habit of drinking water in normal bottle and instead, get a bottle with measurement and time marker. This will assist you to drink water proportionately and time to time

  1. Set goals and work toward achieving them

Setting a goal is always beneficial towards health. Keep a target, set your days, weeks or months to achieve it. Adopting Long term goals commitment is very beneficial for better health and wellness.