The opposite of acidity, is alkalinity. Anything that you consume, which measures lower than a 7 on the pH scale is considered acidic or very acidic. Contrarily, consumables with pH levels of 7 or above are considered alkaline or very alkaline. While regular, clean drinking water barely maintains a neutral pH level of 7 or lower, Mineral Water does indeed measure higher than it and is thus technically alkaline. So why then is alkaline water different from mineral water?

Technicalities aside, in order for water to be classified as alkaline, it needs to rank significantly higher on the pH scale. This, since every change in the pH number drastically affects the alkalinity of the water. For example, water with a pH level of 9 is a thousand times less acidic than water with a pH level of 7.

Thus, while mineral water may indeed be alkaline in nature, water that ranks up to 8 or 9 or above on the pH scale is considered very – and thus reliably – alkaline. However, in order for water to acquire such high levels of alkalinity, it needs to be specially enhanced. Thus, while water that is genuinely alkaline already contains naturally imbibed minerals such calcium and potassium, it’s alkalinity is drastically enhanced with the usage of electrolytes.

The primary benefit of water that is alkaline is that it helps you absorb the harmful acidic intake and content of your body. Therefore alkaline water has all the benefits of mineral water and more. In particular it has a higher antioxidant potential and greater chances of helping the body to reduce blood pressure, control blood-sugar levels, weight-reduction, and with better bone health.

Drinking normal water doesn’t quite cut it in this day and age. This, considering the stressful times we live in, the exponentially higher ratio of unhealthy, fatty foods commonly available, and to add to this our sedentary lifestyles. Better hydration is the need of the hour, and while mineral water is definitely a step up on the pH scale, trying problems call for stronger solutions.

While it is easy for fitness freaks and regular gymers to digest the idea of incorporating bodybuilding supplements in their ideas. And so it’s about time, we all embrace the need to supplement our regular water, with enhanced water, to make our body’s sufficiently capable to cope with the times.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance the water in you! Stay Healthy. Be Alkaline.