Living life calls for a balancing act between friends, family, work, health, and your alone time. But it is easier said than done. Like pieces of a puzzle, your work, relationships, fitness, emotional health, and physical health all have to fit together. With only 24 hours in a day, and as much as 6 to 8 hours taken up by work, and perhaps as much as 2-4 hours consumed as commuting time, is it possible for you to find your balance? To live life and yet stay healthy and fit?

Why is Fitness Important?

Fitness has several positive effects on your health.

  • Increases Strength and Stamina:
    Regular exercise ensures that your muscle mass and your stamina are maintained.
  • Improves Brain Cognition:
    Several studies have shown that exercise improves  the growth of neurons and this enhances brain development.
  • Controls Weight:
    Weight ties in very closely with health. A balanced weight ensures that you live a quality life and your body is not stressed.
  • Enhances Mood:
    Good exercise releases serotonin that plays a crucial role in ensuring mood balance and ties-in with your happiness.

Bottomline is that fitness is important and a vital element of life that you can’t ignore. But, how can you find the time for fitness in-between your job, long commute time, and your social life?

Go for a Walk

Believe it or not, you don’t have to hit the gym to get your dose of exercise. You just need to go for a walk for a minimum of 30 minutes. Simple steps like walking up the stairs or taking short walks can help you. When returning home after work, choose to walk home instead of taking a cab.

Get up Early

Finding it difficult to find time to exercise? Have you tried waking up early? Once the day begins it can be nearly impossible to find the time to exercise during the bustle of reaching work. And, by the end of the day, you are too tired to exercise.

Hence, it makes sense to consider waking up early. Before the bustle of life sweeps you off your feet, get out of your bed and hit the gym or go for a jog. Getting up early is the perfect way to get a head start on life. Not to mention the discipline that’s required to wake up early will surely be a boon to your life.

Make Exercising Fun

Finding the right motivation is challenging. How do you get out of the couch to actually exercise? Well, you make exercising fun.

  • Playing a competitive sport is a fantastic way of making it fun. Whether it is cricket, football, kabaddi, or tennis, these sports make your muscles work.
  • Don’t exercise on your own. Exercising with a friend or partner can be encouraging.
  • Pick an exercise that you find fun. If you find jogging is boring, try cycling or swimming.

Finding time to be fit and live life completely is a balancing act. However, it is not impossible. Without exercise, you won’t find balance. And when you need to recuperate, Alkalen got you covered. Our Alkaline water is packed with electrolytes and minerals. Stay healthy, drink alkaline water and find your balance.