Whether it’s turning your body from acidic to alkaline, or going from a lazy person to a productive person, or from living life lethargically to staying active for life…The one question that plagues anyone that’s tried it is – WHY IS IT SO HARD? The simple answer is – because you’re not making it simple enough. To solve any of these problems you have to do so one glass of water at a time, one step and task at a time, and by working at it every single day. And to do that you have to simply form easy, useful, productive habits. Here’s 5 habits that are so simple and obvious – that you ought to have already been doing them.

1. Make your bed first thing in the morning

So here’s where procrastination kicks in first thing in the day, and we don’t even realize it, as we get out of our messed up beds. Did you know it’s the one of the first habits that armies inculcate in new recruits. Why? Because making your bed helps rewire your mind to derive motivation from having completed a task at the start of the day, and it programs your mind to start thinking systematically, and more organized.

2. Drinking water after waking up

So let’s say you wake up like you always planned to, but why then do you pretty much go right back to sleep? The simple answer: your body is still not awake. Drinking water first thing out of bed gets your metabolism up and running, starts flushing out toxins and puts your brain into first gear. Having a bottle at your bedside works as a great reminder.

3. Workout off your bed

This one’s so obvious right? But then how come it’s so hard for people to make it a part of their daily lives? Here’s the secret: don’t give your body the time to fool you out of it. Instead of crawling out of bed, trying jumping out of it! The reason your body takes its time to wake up is because you’ve made it used to it. 15 minutes of jumping jacks, sit ups and push-ups straight out of bed will seem like torture at first, but eventually it will create an environment where your body jumps into attention every time you wake, instead of convincing you to a hit the snooze button. Also, working out releases happy chemicals into your brain, like dopamine, which plays a role in making you feel more motivated.   

4. Read a book for at least 20 minutes

Laying emphasis on reading “a book”, since the difference between reading things online and reading an actual book, is that a book has a beginning, middle and end. How does this help? Apart from increasing your vocabulary, and giving you new ideas, completing a book also fills you with a sense of progression and expands one’s imagination, which in turn inspires creativity and the need to achieve newer things every day. Bill Gates is said to read at least 50 books each year and Elon Musk grew up reading 2 books a day.

5. Do the dishes

Did you know that washing dishes is considered to be a great stress reliever?
One of the biggest problems with technology is that it often renders the rest of your body inactive, while texting, surfing the net, or watching something. Everyday chores like keeping your house clean, or at the very least – doing the dishes, could get your mind and  body to work in better sync. This can in turn make you more focused, mindful and thus less prone to distraction and procrastination.

While practising these habits, it’s important to know that it takes a minimum of doing something consistently for 21 days to make a habit of it. The best way to keep yourself constantly reminded to do these seeming simple but highly useful things every day, is by placing useful reminders around your house. Alkalen, being all about becoming healthier and active for life through water, suggests placing water bottles as reminders at different spots of the house, to keep you hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Watch this video to find out what we mean –