While you may have commonly heard that drinking lots of water is incredibly beneficial for your health, no less than 8 glasses of water a day – as per popular count… what if even that wasn’t enough? Apart from the fact that our entire body depends on water, about 60 percent of our body weight being made up of it, water’s ph levels on the scale of acidity and alkalinity stands at a neutral 7.  This isn’t a problem per say, but it could be a solution.

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To summarize, if 7.0 indicates the point of neutrality on the pH scale, falling any level below that can be acidic and harmful, while rising any level above that increases your alkalinity to your benefit. The markets are rife with countless water brands and beverages, which measure pH levels that start from as low as 6 and got to as high 7, threatening to aid in severe acidic buildup.

How can enhancing your water enhance your lifestyle?

Most modern foods that we eat, especially processed foods, significantly contribute to your body’s acidic buildup. As imagination would indicate from the sound of it, high acidic levels lead to the generation of harmful toxins in our body. This in turn causes skin issues such as acne and ageing if beauty is your concern. But even more dangerously increased acidity, decreases overall energy levels, increases mental stress, causes digestive problems and more debilitations, which eventually eats away at your physical capacity for fitness. The obvious way to combat this is to increase your body’s alkaline levels. And there’s an obvious solution (literally) asto how to go about doing so.

The logic is simple: If a significant percentage of our body is made up of water (about 60%), then ensuring that our water intake only involved alkaline water i.e. water with pH levels of 8 and more, then shouldn’t having a majority of 60 percent alkaline water in your body, significantly balance, if not eliminate your acidic build-up? However, as stated at the start of the article, regular water or mineral water’s pH levels never rise far beyond a neutral maximum of 7. And that’s where the need to enhance water arises.

The benefits of Alkaline water

Alkaline water is enhanced with electrolytes and essential minerals, which enables it to raise water’s pH levels up to a whopping 9. This water that is significantly more alkaline, immediately boosts your hydration with every glass you drink, being more easily absorbed at a cellular level, thus absent the usual “bloated” feeling you get when having regular water.

Hydrating your cells so efficiently, in turn contributes to the elasticity and rejuvenation of skin tissue, thus alreadysetting your body in motion against acne, wrinkles or other skin diseases. Most importantly, alkaline water significantly helps you digest your food better, allowing you to get more out of your nutritional intake. This, while helping clean your digestive tract and effectively breakdown the build-up of fecal debris, thereby making for the perfect daily detox.

Additionally, when your body lacks minerals it tries to fulfill that mineral requirement from your bones, which in turn causes Osteoporosis. Alkaline water that’s further enhanced with essential minerals, makes up for this deficiency, thereby helping to keep your joints and muscles well lubricated, making physical exercise exponentially easier. So, if you work regularly on your fitness, there can be no better companion to compliment, enhance and ease your daily workouts, other than alkaline water. It even helps reduce post-workout muscle soreness, while helping prevent frequent sprains and diseases like arthritis.

And as for those trying to get into fitness, since like forever, Alkaline water promises to keep you from feeling fatigued or lazy the next time you try getting out of bed on time. This is owed to the breakdown of fatty acids in your foods, which compliments the enhanced digestion that alkaline water promises, thereby becoming a natural apatite-suppressant and reducing your calorie intake.

Choose quality over quantity of water

For every increasing level on the pH scale towards alkalinity signifies an exponential jump away from being acidic. Foods and beverages with pH levels of 4 are a thousand times more acidic than those with pH levels of 5 and so forth.

While water is the body’s principal chemical component, the way every individual’s body naturally reacts to water varies as per many factors such as health, amount of daily activity, geographic conditions etc.  And therefor there’s no way to empirically assert how much water one should or shouldn’t drink each day. However, the pH scale indicates in all certainty that water that is high in alkalinity, significantly improves the quality of life.

And here’s the thing, while it’s not easy to adapt a healthy change in your daily food-habits or preferences all of a sudden, it’s not difficult at all to do the same with water. Alkaline water tastes just like water, feels even better, and drastically improves your body and thereby your lifestyle, without you having to significantly change routines. All you have to do is keep drinking water… alkaline water – that is.