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What is Alkalen? 

Alkalen is India's First Alkaline water with a pH level of up to 9.5. It is infused with electrolyte and hydrates much better than regular water. With all the essential minerals, Alkalen helps you stay active and upgrades your water-drinking experience.

What is pH? 

Simply put, everything you eat or drink has a pH (potential of hydrogen) level, which measures on a scale of 0 to 14. The lower the pH of anything you consume, the more Acidic it is. The higher the pH of any consumable, the more Alkaline it is. Simple, right?

Why should I try Alkalen? 


With pH level up to 9.5, Alkalen is India's most Alkaline Water.

Body pH Balance

Balances your body and helps fight an acidic intake with a higher pH.


Provides a natural cleansing of the body's digestive system

Heart Health

Eliminates strain exerted on the heart, improving overall vitality.

Liver Health

Increases Alkaline phosphate in your body and helps keep your liver healthy.

Stronger Bones

Combats acidity and prevents body to have to sap itself of minerals, ensuring stronger bones.

Digestive Health

Breaks down fatty acids and aids in digestion. Helps you get most out of your calories.

Sports Performance

Provides super-hydration owing to its micro-cluster augmentation and fuels your performance

Rejuvenates Skin

Keeps body alkaline that helps body and cells well-hydrated which contributes to elasticity & rejuvenation to skin tissue.

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